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Open Pen : issue 15

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Open Pen : issue 14

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Open pen : issue 13

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Open pen: issue 12

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Open pen: issue 11

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Open pen: issue 10

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Ammo Magazine: Issue 9

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Put A Egg on it: Issue 6

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Keep it simple
Computer Arts 196: Keep it simple

Consider your target audience
Computer arts 196: Consider your target audience

Select size carefully
Computer arts 196: Select size carefully

Computer arts 196: Don't be too literal

Forget trends
Computer arts 196: Forget trends

Make it versatile
Computer arts 196: Make it versatile


Super heroes
Society 6: Super heroes

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Society 6: All rights reserved

Bombay Bicycle club
Secret 7 records: Bombay Bicycle club

Noah and the whale
Secret 7 records: Noah and the whale

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